Rua Jorge Viterbo Ferreira, n.º 228 4050-313, Porto Portugal

Coordenadas GPS: 41°08'51.3"N 8°37'26.1"W


Salão Nobre

Como chegar

The Metro of Porto has 6 lines and 81 stations. Please check the Interactive Map.
            •   Line A (Blue) - Estádio do Dragão-Senhor de Matosinhos
            •   Line B (Red) - Estádio do Dragão-Póvoa de Varzim
            •   Line C (Green) - Campanhã-ISMAI
            •   Line D (Yellow) - Hospital São João-D. João II
            •   Line E (Violet) - Estádio do Dragão-Aeroporto
            •   Line F (Orange) – Senhora da Hora-Fânzeres
The Andante Card is a card that can be used in all means of transportation in Porto. The card is rechargeable with single tickets, 10 trips or daily tickets. The Andante Card price is 0.60€, plus the ticket you choose.
The price per track depends on the origin and destination. As a rule within the city is zone 2 but if you want to go to the airport area is zone 4.
Andante Tour Card is similar to the Andante 24 but suitable for tourists. This card is sold in two forms: 24 hours or 72 hours and allows you to travel in all metro during that period without taking into account areas. The card price is 7€ for 24h and 15€ for 72h.
Where to buy?
The Andante Card can be purchased at Andante stores (at the airport and several metro stations), as well as in train stations, tourist offices and some hotels.

By Bus:

STCP is the public transport company that runs the bus and tram service in Greater Porto. STCP operates 74 bus routes of which 11 are late-night-only routes and 3 are tram lines. Please check the Interactive Map.


On board ticket: 1.90€ 
*valid only on the trip it was purchased

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